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Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Welcome all to Lokmanya’s unique, professional and hospitable culture! Please feel at home.

At the outset, I will narrate how Lokmanya Co-op. Credit Society came into existence. Since long I was thinking about the unemployed youth in our Society who had no resources to settle in life, not knowing whom to approach, where to find resources and which path to follow and witness their ideas getting converted to reality. I shared my thoughts with my friends from similar school of thoughts, as I alone could not have achieved much. Thus the thought of credit cooperative society took shape resulting in the birth of Lokmanya Society.


In the begining, we pooled in our own resources to lay the foundation of a Society, meant for helping the society at large. On the auspicious day of 31st August 1995, the Society started its operations under the name LOKMANYA CO-OP. CREDIT SOCIETY LTD.


The Society initially began operations in Belgaum. The people of Belgaum and surrounding areas responded overwhelmingly and gave commendable deposits and showed keen interest in our loan schemes as well. In just a few days, Lokmanya was rightly justifying the name chosen for it.


This was not the triumph of the Society but that of the people who joined Lokmanya Family with faith and confidence instilled in the organization. I say Lokmanya Family because this Society was started keeping in mind the clear social objectives since finance is not the only GATEWAY for the development of society. Housing, Health, Education, Environment, Harmony etc. are necessary for the development of the society as a whole. To set a few examples, I would like to start a school for average students who have been deprived of higher education for reason of finance or inability to complete their education because of lack of facilities. with the aim of bringing these students on par with the students of scholastic excellence. Similarly, the mass is deprived of good medical care in the form of affordable treatment and medicines. To meet this enormous need, I want to divert some portion of profits towards these social commitments. Hence I started Dnyanprabodhan Educational Institute and recently started Lokmanya Arogya Seva Kendra.


My thoughts, vision are always expressed openly before people. It was youngsters and guidance of  seniors  which helped Lokmanya to grow without hurdles. I hope such honest, hardworking youngsters will continue to come forward and join us to bring my dream into reality. .


The name and fame of the Society opened many doors in the neighboring states. Prudent citizens of Goa & Maharashtra solicited us to register the society under Multistate Societies Act and thus in the year 2002 we laid its foundation successfully in these states.


The facts and figures support my statement – Lokmanya Society has made great strides in the field of finance by attracting deposits and investing in advances to help needy people. With its 203 branches spread over the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa & Delhi. Lokmanya Society has crossed *Rs. 1846.50 Crores of Deposit and Advances to the tune of *Rs. 1006.64 Crores with sufficient amount of supporting liquidity. Lokmanya Society is one of those few financial organizations which has declared dividend steadily since inception. Apart from cash liquidity, Lokmanya Society has also built up Fixed Assets in the form of Land & Building worth more than *Rs.226.41Crores.


During this eventful journey Lokmanya Society never looked back but has made upward strides by acquiring the status of Multipurpose in the year March 2008 to enter  the fields of Insurance, Tours & Travel Business, Hotel Industry, Health Care with an idea of venturing into different fields of business and providing more and more employment to the eligible ones and earn substantial amount of profits for its employees and shareholders.


Lokmanya Society has stood the test of times and stands worthy of people’s faith and every expectation.


* As on 31-Mar-2015