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Kalpavruksh MIS

We cater to people from all walks of life and assist them to gain financial stability. Kalpavruksh MIS scheme has been introduced to provide a regular source of monthly income. Under this scheme, a depositor may invest a certain amount in Term Deposit Account and avail a fixed monthly income by way of interest at prevailing rate of interest from the date of deposit till the maturity of that deposit account. In short, this deposit scheme is useful for planning financial independence on retirement from service or business.

Salient features of the scheme are:

  • True to its name, the scheme features interest which is payable at the contracted rate every month.
  • Interest is paid monthly at the discounted value (Please check with your nearest branch for the latest table on monthly income slabs).
  • Deposits are accepted for periods ranging from 1 Year  to 3 Years.
  • Minimum deposit is Rs.10000.- and in multiples of Rs.1000.
  • Interest paid on monthly basis [ if standing instructions to that effect is given ] can be transferred towards Savings/RD A.c.
  • Loans are available up to 85% of the deposit amount while loan interest charged is 2% above the deposit rate.
  • Premature withdrawal permitted with applicable penalty.
  • The deposit can be renewed on or after due date for the given period.
  • No Income tax deducted at source. (for Members Only)


The table below gives a clear picture of our Kalparuksha interest rates for different term :

Kalpavruksha Monthly Income Scheme


Interest Rate

1 Year

8.50 %

2 Year

9.50 %

3 Year

10.50 %

  • 0.5% extra for Senior Citizens. (Age 60 years and above)
  • Minimum Deposit: Rs. ONE THOUSAND & in multiples of Rs.1000/-
  • No TDS deduction (for Members Only)


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