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Quest Tours

A journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited with group of different people, family or friends. The tour is organized in such a way that it provides knowledge, and information. Moreover, travel helps us to uncover deeper aspects of ourselves; it assists us in shedding limited ideas about ourselves and inspires us to creatively manifest those changes in whatever circumstances we find for us. It helps in understanding the distinct geographical places and climatic conditions. Tours are arranged to give a quality time to oneself  and to gap up the leisure time which people think to utilize it in a manner where they can get happiness, fun, laughter and joy from there day to day life. It helps in building ourselves into:

·         Genuine Inspiration

·         Attitude of Learning

·         Stepping out of a comfort zone

We present to you Quest Tours a Subsidiary of Lokmanya Society launched in June 2013. The slogan of Quest “Travel the World with Us” indicates the potentiality and the energy which it holds beneath. We believe in providing innovating holiday ideas to people and deliver them the best experience of their life. Quest Tours started its journey by conducting Group Tour to Dubai and other exotic locations of the world as well as domestic destinations like Rajasthan, Kerala and Hyderabad.We are looking forward to offer large number of Escorted Tours for Families, Senior Citizens and Students.

¨  Specialized tours such as:-

1.      Women's Special,

2.      Men’s Special,

3.      Newly - Weds Special,

4.      Cruise Special,

5.      Short Break Tour,

6.      Sports Tour,

7.      Customized tours

¨  Features & Services :-

1.      Visa Assistance

2.      Travel Insurance

3.      Foreign Exchange

4.      Air & Train Ticketing

5.      Hotel Booking

6.      Passport Assistance

7.      Taxi service


¨  Co-ordinating office; Quest Tours :-

Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-Op Soc. Ltd.,

Narayan Peth, N.C. Kelkar Road,

1st Floor, Kesari Wada,

Pune – 411030.

Phone No. : 020-24464193

Toll Free No. : 18002334050

Email: info@questtours.in

Website: www.questtours.in

And at all branch locations of Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-Op Soc. Ltd.,