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Features & Benefits

Simple Interest Calculation

Term of Deposit 18 Months(Fixed)

Last Date of Scheme 31st December 2023

ROI up to 9.60% p.a. with quarterly interest payouts

Minimum Investment Rs. 10000/- or more

0.5% Extra interest for senior citizens above 60 years

  Scheme Detail

  • This scheme of deposit exclusively available for members only.
  • Period/Term of deposit is 18 Months.
  • Minimum amount of Deposit: 10,000/- [There is no ceiling on maximum amount Deposit]
  • Benefit of Additional interest 0.5% is applicable for Senior Citizen, Women, Staff and Bulk deposit [with single receipt of Rs.10 lakhs and above. However depositor cannot claim all the benefit i.e. Senior Citizen, Women, Staff and Bulk deposit at once, in such cases only one of the benefit shall be considered and effective rate will be @10.10% p.a.
  • Pre-matured closure is permitted with deduction of penalty @2.5% p.a. on applicable rate for expired period of deposit •The interest is calculation is simple interest calculation which is credited / payble Qtly. ‘Loan against such deposits are allowed up to 90% of Face value /deposit amount. The rate of interest on loan against such deposits shall be@2% more than the deposit rate.