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Manager ATL

Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Experience: 5+ years
Qualifications: Bachelor's/Master’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, or a
related field

About the Company

Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-operative Society is a leading cooperative society dedicated to
serving the local community in 4 states (Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Delhi). Our
society provides a wide range of financial services, including banking, loans, investments,
insurance, and more. We are committed to delivering superior customer service and
maintaining the highest standards of professionalism

Job Responsibilities

● ATL Strategy Development: Develop and implement comprehensive ATL marketing
strategies aligned with the company's overall marketing objectives, target audience,
and brand positioning.
● Campaign Planning and Execution: Plan and execute ATL campaigns across various
traditional media channels, including TV, print, radio, and outdoor advertising.
Ensure campaigns are delivered on time, within budget, and meet established
performance metrics.
● Media Planning and Buying: Collaborate with media agencies and vendors to develop
optimal media plans, negotiate rates, and secure placements for ATL campaigns.
Analyze and optimize media buys for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness.
● Creative Development: Work closely with internal creative teams and external
agencies to develop compelling, on-brand creative concepts and assets for ATL
● Performance Measurement and Optimization: Analyze campaign performance data,
track key metrics, and provide regular reports and insights. Continuously optimize
campaigns based on performance data and market trends.
● Budget Management: Develop and manage ATL marketing budgets, ensuring
efficient resource allocation and adherence to financial targets.
● Agency and Vendor Management: Manage relationships with external agencies,
vendors, and partners involved in ATL marketing initiatives. Ensure seamless
collaboration, clear communication, and effective project management.
● Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with other marketing teams, such as
digital, social media, and product marketing, to ensure campaign integration and
consistency across all marketing channels.
● Industry Knowledge and Trends: Stay current with industry trends, best practices, and
emerging technologies in ATL marketing, advertising, and media landscape.

● Team Management: Provide leadership, coaching, and mentorship to the ATL
marketing team, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environme

Skills Required

● Proven track record of developing and executing successful ATL marketing
campaigns across various media channels.
● Strong analytical and data-driven decision-making skills.
● Excellent project management, organizational, and time-management abilities.
● Proficient in media planning and buying tools, as well as campaign management and
reporting software.
● Excellent communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.
● Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and external partners.
● Knowledge of digital marketing and its integration with traditional media channels is
a plus.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience to resume@lokmanyasociety.org.

Our Core Values

At Lokmanya, we believe that a career should be more than just a job; it should be a passion-driven adventure that brings out the best in you. We are not just a company; we are a community of like-minded individuals united by a common purpose: to make a meaningful impact on the world.

At Lokmanya, our core values are the heartbeat of our culture and the driving force behind everything we do. They define who we are as a company and guide our decisions, actions, and interactions with our customers, employees, and partners.


Every job seeker should be aware of online recruitment fraud. Fictitious job postings, fraudulent job offers, and individuals purporting to be recruiters can defraud job seekers, commit financial crimes or steal identities.

Lokmanya Society takes this matter seriously and is actively working to reduce the likelihood of our brand being misrepresented as part of fraudulent activity. Job seekers interested in Lokmanya Society roles should know the following:

  • At no point will Lokmanya Society or anyone recruiting for Lokmanya Society ever asks for money, credit card, or bank account information to complete a job application or be considered for a job.
  • Lokmanya Society employees (including our recruitment teams) use email addresses that end in @lokmanyasociety.org
  • At no point will Lokmanya Society or anyone recruiting for Lokmanya Society ever asks for money, credit card, or bank account information to complete a job application or be considered for a job.
  • Communications you send directly to Lokmanya Society or anyone recruiting for Lokmanya Society should only go to email addresses ending in@lokmanyasociety.org

These fraudulent job postings or “recruiters” may ask job seekers for money, banking details, or other personally identifiable information.Recruiting scams have become more sophisticated and can appear as legitimate recruitment activities of reputable companies and often use third-party websites or direct email approaches. Caution should always be shown when sharing personal information and we hope that by highlighting these developments, unsuspecting job seekers will not be duped by these scams.

Generally, job seekers should watch out for: Incorrect domain names or email addresses: Check for misspellings of hiring companies or emails from domains that do not match the hiring company.Use of messaging services: Legitimate companies won’t conduct job interviews through messaging services like Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, or Facebook Messenger. Unclear or broad job descriptions: Scammers use broad, vague job descriptions to capture a wide net of potential targets. Legitimate job ads will have a clear description of what your duties would be and will list the requirements for the job.The “dream” job offer: Extremely high compensation for a position that requires no skills or experience or job offers without any interview process… If it’s “too good to be true” it is likely fraudulent.

Requests for financial information: Be wary of any ask for money, credit card, or bank account information to complete a job application or create eligibility for a job. Requirements to purchase training or equipment: If a company wants you to pay for training materials or equipment before it will consider you for a job, it is likely fraudulent.