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Features & Benefits

Simple Interest Calculation

Quarterly Interest Payable

Minimum Investment Rs. 1000/- or more

ROI up to 10.60% p.a. with quarterly interest payouts

0.5% Extra interest for senior citizens above 60 years

  Scheme Detail

  • This is a term deposit scheme for the tenure of 30 days to 5 years & offers an attractive rate of interest up to 10.60% p.a. with quarterly interest payouts.
  • Depositor shall compulsorily be a member of our society.
  • Minimum amount of Deposit under this scheme shall be Rs.1000/-. There is no ceiling on maximum deposit.
  • The senior citizens and bulk depositors (with a single receipt of Rs.10 lakh and above) are eligible for additional interest @0.50% p.a. However either of the benefits can be claimed at one time.
  • Pre-matured withdrawal of deposit is permitted with deduction of penalty @2.5% p.a. on applicable rate.
  • Loan against such deposits is allowed up to 90% of deposit amount with interest @2% more than the applicable rate.