Investing money can sometimes feel like a tricky game, especially when you’re looking for safe options that also give you good returns. Lokmanya Multipurpose Cooperative Society has been a go-to place for many people because it offers a mix of safety and decent earnings through its Fixed Deposit (FD) plans. Here’s a simple breakdown of why putting your money into Lokmanya’s FDs might be a smart move.

1.  Guaranteed Money Growth

Lokmanya’s FDs promise up to 9.75% interest per year. This means you can see your money grow steadily over time without worrying about ups and downs like in the stock market. It’s a straightforward way to get more from your savings.

2.  Different Plans for Everyone

Lokmanya offers various FD plans to fit different needs and goals:

  • Lokmanya Raghukul Nivesh Yojana: With a term of 13 months and a minimum deposit of Rs.10,000, this scheme offers an interest rate of up to 9.50% p.a., ideal for short-term investors seeking quick, yet substantial returns.
  • Lokmanya Little Champ: Specifically designed for children aged 0 to 16 years, this scheme encourages the habit of saving from an early age, offering an impressive 9.75%

p.a. interest rate over a 60-month term, with a minimal initial deposit of just Rs.100.

  • Lokmanya Recurring Plus: This scheme is perfect for individuals who wish to save regularly, offering an 8.0% p.a. interest rate for 15 months and 9.0% p.a. for 30 months, starting with a minimum deposit of Rs.1,000.
  • Lokmanya Deposit Scheme: Suitable for those looking to invest Rs.10,000 or more, this scheme offers up to 9.60% p.a. interest, appealing to individuals seeking high returns on their lump-sum investments.

3.  Flexibility

With terms ranging from 13 to 60 months and deposit options starting as low as Rs.100, Lokmanya’s FD schemes are designed to suit various financial goals and timelines. Whether you’re saving for a child’s education, building an emergency fund, or planning for a major purchase, there’s a Lokmanya FD that fits your needs.

4.  Safety and Reliability

As a cooperative society with a focus on the financial empowerment of its members, Lokmanya stands as a reliable pillar in the financial community. Investing in Lokmanya’s FD schemes means placing your trust in an institution committed to securing and nurturing your financial well-being.

5.  Empowering the Community

Choosing Lokmanya’s FD schemes not only serves your financial goals but also contributes to the broader mission of empowering individuals with varied needs. Your investment helps in nurturing a financial ecosystem that supports education, business initiatives, and overall community development.


Investing in Lokmanya’s Fixed Deposit schemes offers a unique blend of safety, flexibility, and attractive returns, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families alike. As we navigate through the uncertainties of the financial markets, Lokmanya emerges as a trustworthy partner, ensuring that your financial future is both secure and prosperous. With Lokmanya, you’re not just investing; you’re building a legacy of stability and growth for yourself and your loved ones.